Take the wheel - Launch of the Taos

Volkswagen - Summer 2021

Campaign objectives
  • With the significant rise in popularity and saturation of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in Quebec, Volkswagen wanted to set itself apart from the competition with the launch of the new Taos and, ultimately, generate sales.
  • Strategy

    Present the new Taos as THE road trip partner for Quebecers through a campaign including 5 multiplatform branded content pieces. Each content of the "J'te passe les clés" (Take the wheel) series included a three-minute video, featuring five protagonists taking us from one adventure to another across Quebec, passing each other the keys to the new Taos as they go. The campaign also included 30 second point of entry video takeovers in the daily edition of La Presse+.

The "J’te passe les clés" (Take the wheel) project met our objective which was to show the versatility of the new Taos across different lifestyles. The quality of the product shined through in the storytelling, which succeeded in captivating users, increasing visibility for the Taos in a way that matches the uniqueness of the vehicle itself.
Lynne Piette, Marketing Director,
Volkswagen Canada
Edition +
Special Issues Section + web/mobile
  • 33 sec
    Average time 5+ seconds
  • 10 250
    Total number of clicks in the XTRA
  • 43 776
    Videos started
  • 2 859 440
    Total XTRA impressions delivered
Opening video for tablet
  • 1 165 011
    Videos when opening the application
300 x 600 multiplatform web banner
  • 1 500 008
    Delivered impressions
  • 5 914
    Total number of clicks
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