Our Ad Formats

At Atelier La Presse, we work hard to give you a wealth of options to create tailored strategies that meet your needs and objectives. That’s our specialty. Because we know that the right delivery format, the right ad format and the right platform are the winning ingredients in a successful ad campaign.

By delivery format We offer different ways to advertise on our platforms based on your campaign budget, timing, and frequency.
  • Permanence

    Reach our entire readership and harness contextual environments that make your message that much more relevant.

    • Editorial environments (content created by La Presse’s editorial team)

    • Promotional environments (designed and produced by Atelier XTRA to meet the needs of your industry or campaigns) 

  • Dynamic

    At Atelier La Presse, we handpick audiences so you can reach the right readers. When third-party cookies started to crumbled, we took it seriously and quickly pivoted to develop effective alternatives and change our audience targeting approach.  


    • Available on all our platforms

    • Primary data

    • Option to securely crossreference data with your customer base

  • Programmatic

    LaPresse.ca and La Presse mobile app programmatic ad inventory is available for purchase with Index Exchange and Google Ad Exchange.


    There are several ways to buy programmatic ad space on La Presse:

    • Open auction and private auction (available to all advertisers)

    • Preferred deal (volume agreement)

    • Guaranteed deal (available to all advertisers)

By platform Atelier La Presse can develop and implement robust, creative advertising strategies that harness synergies on the 3 platforms in our unique ecosystem.
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  • La Presse+

    If you’re looking for maximum engagement and emotional resonance with our readership, La Presse+ is the platform for you:

    • Immersive formats offer 100% visibility to advertisers, even for video

    • Innovative interactive ad formats

    • Authentic connection with readers

    • Contextualization for optimal results

  • La Presse mobile app

    Our mobile platform is always within reach, no matter where our readers are. The app offers interesting ad opportunities for precise targeting aligned with mobile usage.

    • Our fastest growing platform

    • Immersive formats offer 100% visibility to advertisers

    • Push notifications keep readers coming back for more—4 times a day on average

  • LaPresse.ca

    Accessible on computer, tablet or mobile, the La Presse website is the platform with the widest reach to give your campaigns the most bang for your buck.

    • High-impact formats (takeover, FPOE, super billboard)

    • Ability to get granular with sections and microtopics

    • SEO of your branded content

By ad type One of our key strengths at Atelier La Presse is our ability to identify which ad formats will work best based on your targets. That may mean steering you in a different direction than you initially thought, when we know it will get results. But our favourite part of the job is developing more creative, more innovative ad formats to stay ahead of the fast-changing digital marketing landscape.
  • Standardized digital formats

    The La Presse ecosystem also works seamlessly with the traditional digital formats you already have and want to get out there:

    • Video formats

    • Standard banners

    • Native formats

  • Our exclusive formats

    42% of our 2021 ad revenue came from ad offerings that didn’t exist in 2017 Our proprietary platforms offer fertile ground for creative teams (ours and yours) to explore.

    • Immersive formats

    • Interactive formats

    • Contextual advertising

  • XTRA branded content

    XTRA is the name used to distinguish ad content from newsroom content. The promotional content produced by Atelier XTRA maximizes readership engagement by blending organically with editorial articles.

    • Guaranteed engaged pageview model (5+ seconds)

    • 37-second average engagement per XTRA article

    • urnkey approach and 100% client-owned content

  • Want to know more? Reach out! We’d be happy to answer any questions and we look forward to putting our talent to work on your campaigns.

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