Working together to achieve your objectives

Collaboration is at our core. Really. Working with you to properly target your needs and develop impactful advertising strategies. But also amongst us, combining our expertise in sales strategy, marketing, creation, research and branded content. Because collaboration always makes us stronger. That’s what Atelier La Presse is all about.

Our collective media expertise, bolstered by the reputation and credibility of La Presse, makes us an indispensable asset for your digital campaigns.

The numbers speak for themselves:

1.2 million unique users daily

Source: Snowplow, daily average

+50 advertising products to meet all your needs

+50 audience segments by interest

Infinite possibilities for custom media strategies and audiences

+100 experts to assist you

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Atelier La Presse

Take advantage of our consolidated media expertise

We use our array of talents and expertise to achieve a common goal: to shine a spotlight on our advertisers and partners.


Taking your ideas to the next level

The canvas where our creative team comes up with original and disruptive ideas for innovative digital ads.


Optimizing your media placements

The lab where our specialists break down and analyze data so we can better advise you and maximize the performance of your placements.


Creating relevant content

The studio where our artists have fun and get creative with their pens, photo and video cameras to create engaging and highly relevant branded content pieces.

In the spotlight at l'Atelier

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