Atelier La Presse

“Atelier” means “workshop” in French, which works on two levels.

It can mean a factory, the physical place where you work, create or make something.

And it can also be a collaborative creative space, a platform where experts and partners share ideas and work together to develop them and bring them to life.

Atelier La Presse is the collective workspace where our strategists, data gurus, creatives, content producers and other talents come together to make the magic happen.

Our services and expertise
  • At Atelier La Presse, we are driven by one goal: using our advertising expertise to help our advertisers and partners achieve great things.
    • Strategy

    • Media creativity

    • Marketing

    • Media planning

    • Follow-up and coordination

    • Programmatic ad expertise

    • Audience creation and tracking

    • Production of branded content

    • Consumer trend research and insight

    • Ad creation and production

1 Workshop. 3 Expert teams

At Atelier La Presse, our three teams come together to put their expertise to work for advertisers and partners.

Team Canevas

The canvas where our creative team comes up with original and disruptive ideas for innovative digital ads.

Team Radar

The lab where our specialists break down and analyze data so we can better advise you and maximize the performance of your placements.

Team Xtra

The studio where our artists have fun and get creative with their pens, photo and video cameras to create engaging and highly relevant branded content pieces.

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