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Winter 2022

On February 5th, 2022, Tourisme Charlevoix published a special branded issue in La Presse+. The content consisted of a custom dynamic cover, five branded content pieces, and a full screen ad.

Campaign objectives
  • Encourage readers to book overnight stays in the Charlevoix region during winter, and increase traffic at tourist sites, thus positioning the area as a base ground from which tourists can enjoy the endless possibilities of the season.
  • Strategy

    Create a special branded issue (multiscreen) in La Presse+ featuring a wide variety of activities in different areas of Charlevoix. This special feature was also published in the special issues section of the La Presse+ application.

A La Presse special branded issue requires a great deal of cooperation and commitment from both teams for the project to be a complete success. The professionalism and thoroughness of our respective teams contributed greatly to this success. The final product is breathtaking!
Jean-Sébastien Pilote, Marketing Coordinator – Tourisme Charlevoix
XTRA - Edition
  • 31
    Average time 5+ seconds per screen
  • 3 826
    Total number of clicks
  • 175 874
XTRA - Special Issues Section
  • 63
    Average time 5+ seconds per screen
  • 697
    Total number of clicks
  • 4 587
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