A Cultivated Readership

The right readers
  • At La Presse, we are fortunate to reach 60% of Quebec adults through our 3 platforms. We mention this a lot because we take great pride in our reach. Our readers live all over the province and French-speaking Canada, from major urban centres to rural areas.

    La Presse readers have a higher level of income and education than the Quebec average, making them a prime target audience for advertisers.

  • 52 %

    of our readers are age 25 to 54, which is fairly representative of the Quebec population (index 106)

  • 38 %

    of those readers have a university degree, well above the Quebec average (index 140)

  • 53 %

    of our readers identify as male

  • 47 %

    of our readers identify as female

  • 34 %

    of our readers have a partner and children (index 103)

  • 28 %

    of our readers have an annual household income over $100,000 (index 140)

  • 34 %

    of our readers are in a profession or trade (index 126)

  • Source: La Presse poll, 2021

Personalized Humans are complex, which is why the Atelier Radar team digs deeper than traditional sociodemographics to analyze and crossreference our readership data and finetune our approach.
  • Big-picture

    Yes, people over age 65 might be interested in RESPs for their grandchildren. And no, people age 30 to 50 aren’t only looking for information on marriage and family. Life is full of surprises, and it unfolds in stages that depend on our interests, concerns and desires, which aren’t the same for everyone. It’s not just about who our readers are now, but also where they are in their lives.


  • Insightful

    From titles to microtopics, sections, subsections, and completion rates, our Atelier Radar experts put every detail of what resonates with our readers under the microscope, while ensuring their personal information is protected with the most advanced security measures. The team uses this data to create curated audiences and uncover valuable insights for our partner advertisers.

  • Measurable

    Quantitative analysis is great. But we also use qualitative metrics to see how people behave on our platforms. Which themes, sections, advertisers, and industries are they drawn to and how do they interact with that content? What we learn from asking these questions helps us better curate our audiences.

  • Transparent

    Our readers understand the La Presse mission. That’s why they’re so generous, willing to share who and what they’re interested in, what stage of life they’re in or what they might be buying in the near future. La Presse readers know we use this data to improve their experience on our platforms—with full transparency and respect for their privacy.

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