The shades of Sico

Summer 2022

The campaign
  • Through a playful yet meaningful approach, Sico's campaign connects directly with Quebecers via the activities they love: whether they’re engaged in them, thinking about them or sharing them with others. This campaign comes to life in the heart of Quebec’s nuanced interests and passions.
  • Objective

    Select innovative and creative formats in contextual environments closely linked to users’ interests in order to engage with the audience, deepen the relationship with them and stay in their minds.

  • Strategy

    Ensure that Sico remains the number one brand in Quebec in its sector by focusing on far-reaching, engaging and contextual touch points that will allow it to connect with the public and strengthen its emotional bond with Quebecers.

Sico has been in the hearts of Quebecers for more than 85 years and we are committed to inspiring our customers, engaging them and making them laugh. This campaign is a nod to the brand’s heritage and its deep attachment to the colorful Quebec culture where Sico’s roots lie with pride.
Laurence Thomas, Marketing Director
La Presse+ Ads
  • 2.6 M
    Impressions delivered
    • 14 ads (1/4 screen)

    • Contextual positioning

    • 3 distinct sections

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